Jumah Topics and Speakers

First half of 2013

Date Name  of Main Katib Remarks
Gregorian Hijry
1/4/2013 Safar, 22nd,1434 Mohamed Altamimi ( Abou Ibrahim)
1/11/2013 Safar, 29nd,1434 Dr. Ibrahim AL Omar ( Abou Yasser)
1/18/2013 Rabi Al Awaal, 6th Mohamed Radwan ( Abou Irfan) The life of the prophet Mohamed (PBUH)
1/25/2013 Rabi Al Awaal, 13th Brother Alharith
2/1/2013 Rabi Al Awaal, 20th Brother Tareq ( Abou Hamza)
2/8/2013 Rabi Al Awaal, 27th Dr. Hayder Rashid
2/15/2013 Rabi Althani, 5th Amgad (Abou Mohamed)
2/22/2013 Rabi Althani, 12th Mohamed Ismail ( Abou Saif)
3/1/2013 Rabi Althani,19th Brother Abdelhamed
3/8/2013 Rabi Althani,26th Mohamed Altamimi ( Abou Ibrahim)
3/15/2013 Jumada Al Awaal, 3rd Dr. Ibrahim AL Omar ( Abou Yasser) Ajnaden battle between Muslims and Romans, 27thof Jumada Al Awal
3/22/2013 Jumada Al Awaal, 10th Mohamed Radwan ( Abou Irfan)
3/29/2013 Jumada Al Awaal,17th Brother Alharith
4/5/2013 Jumada Al Awaal,24th Brother Tareq ( Abou Hamza)
4/12/2013 Jumada Al Akher, 2nd Dr. Hayder Rashid
4/19/2013 Jumada Alakher, 9th Amgad (Abou Mohamed)
4/26/2013 Jumada Alakher,16th Mohamed Ismail ( Abou Saif)
5/3/2013 Jumada Alakher, 23rd Brother Abdelhamed
5/10/2013 Jumada Alakher, 30th Mohamed Altamimi ( Abou Ibrahim)
5/17/2013 Rajab, 7th Dr. Ibrahim AL Omar ( Abou Yasser) Israa and Mieraj  journy
5/24/2013 Rajab,14th Mohamed Radwan ( Abou Irfan)
5/31/2013 Rajab, 21st Brother Alharith
6/7/2013 Rajab, 28th Brother Tareq ( Abou Hamza)
6/14/2013 Shaban, 5th Dr. Hayder Rashid
6/21/2013 Shaban, 12th Amgad (Abou Mohamed)
6/28/2013 Shaban, 19th Mohamed Ismail ( Abou Saif) Preparing for Ramadan
7/5/2013 Shaban, 26th Brother Abdelhamed