One time registration fee of $100 per child is due at the time of registration.

Tuition will be collected in the month of August and September of school year. *Because we have started in January, will be collected at the prescribed time*  At that time parents will be required to follow one of the following methods of tuition payment:

  1. Pay entire year tuition at one time at the time of enrollment or
  2. Pay tuition in two installments, first installment is for 2 months, second installment is for the remaining 2 months, or

Bounced check fee is $20.00.

Non-Payment of Tuition: By enrolling your child/children in the school, you are entering into a contract with the school. If in the middle of the school year, a parent decides to withdraw their child/children, they are liable to pay the tuition of the remainder of the school year.  We ask that if you have not paid tuition of your child, please do not send the student to school until the tuition is made current.

Refund of Tuition: No refund of tuition fee or registration fee will be made if a student drops out at any time after registration or attending a class.  Request for refund must be made in writing before the child drops out, not after he/she has dropped out.

Registration fee is non-refundable.